As Toowoomba grows, so does the need to connect the people and products to our capital city counterparts, our regional relatives and international sister-cities. 

To do this we’ve built our own airport, we’re building the Second Range Crossing and we’re working towards the creation of the $10 billion Inland Rail route. artc-gatton-93

Toowoomba’s reputation as The Miracle City as been forged by years of negotiations, feasibility studies, lobbying, and a mighty amount of get-up-and-go. This is based on our ability to attract targeted investment and never-before-seen
catalytic projects. 

The region is recognised as one of Australia’s most diverse and stable economies, with robust commercial and industrial enterprises. 

A decade of economic growth has been averaging 3.5%, exceeding the state average of 3.1%. Thousands of jobs are

pouring into the region with these projects, and we need the skilled workers to match. Toowoomba is a hub for logistics, freight and technology.

Businesses are setting up in the region or expanding their opportunities to take advantage of our strategic location and brand new, world class road, rail and air capability. 

Toowoomba Wellcamp Airport now ships to domestic and international markets, flying weekly freight cargo direct to Hong Kong and around the world.


Businesses like Trackspares work in the resource industry and ship parts to sites, while agricultural producers can get their chilled lettuce, avocados or beef straight to the Asian market. 

The Toowoomba Second Range Crossing will take trucks off the city’s main street, expected to save about 40 minutes of travel time for each trip. It will also reduce heavy vehicle wear and tear and create a more livable CBD. The TSRC is a 43km road bypass route worth a staggering $1.6 billion.

The mighty bypass already cuts an impressive snake through the landscape, opening around December 2018.  

With Inland Rail on the way, we’ll be able to take products via rail direct to the Port of Brisbane for export. While nowhere near the $10 billion Inland Rail project, a smaller rail was recently built and opened to take cattle 800km from Quilpie direct to Oakey, just outside Toowoomba.

This signalled the start of a massive expansion for the processor, Oakey Beef Exports which uses Wellcamp Airport to ship chilled beef. 

Together, this means our produce and products are best positioned to make it to its destined marketplace in the mode that suits it.

And let’s not forget these modes work efficiently together – cattle can move by train to an abattoir that then trucks the chilled products to the buyer in Australia, or takes it to the freight facility at our privately owned Toowoomba Wellcamp Airport, to be loaded onto a plane headed direct to Hong Kong on an overnight flight with Cathay Pacific.

Freight forwarders, including Seaways Logistics, service fill global and domestic needs including
warehousing, cold storage and packaging. 

With the region advancing, it’s little wonder the Regional Australia Institute say our regional economy is set to double its GDP by 2030. 

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