Pin-up in Toowoomba

snp_2340The town of Toowoomba may not inspire images of pinup gals, decked out in circle skirts and wiggle dresses, but there is more here than meets the eye. The pinup scene in Toowoomba is steadily gaining momentum, with its own pinup academy; where you can learn the tips and tricks to pinup hair and makeup in a fun and welcoming environment. The Darling Downs Pinup Academy aim to make it fun and affordable for anyone wanting to learn.

Annual gatherings run by Scarlett Noir and Diamond Divine see more pinups attending each year. Free events, aimed at soaking up all that Toowoomba has to offer while dressed in your pinup best. Whether you’re a rockabilly gal, feeling at home in capris and a leather jacket, or prefer the more delicate side of pinup, there is something for everyone.

If you stroll the main street you may just see one of the local pinups, running errands with coffee in hand. Along with the colourful street art you can see around Toowoomba, the girls lend some colour with their vibrant hair and fun outfits. The car scene goes hand in hand, for where one is, the other often follows. If you have ever attended the annual hot rod shows, you have surely seen pinups posing alongside the shiny rides.

Whether you want to be a pinup for a day in the Scarlett Noir Photography studio, or would like to learn how to inject some of the 1950’s into your everyday look… Toowoomba has you covered.  - words by Miss Diamond Divine 

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