Parks around Toowoomba

Queens Park 

The Garden City is renowned for picturesque parks and gardens that come to life in September for the annual Carnival of Flowers festival. Residents open their homes to judging and displays as part of the Chronicle Garden Competition in bloom, enticing residents and visitors to the many open spaces, lined with intricately designed flowerbeds.

Japanese Gardens 

Among the public gardens, the Japanese Garden is the largest, most complex and traditionally designed Japanese Garden in Australia, opening in 1989.

It was named Ju Raku En by the designer, meaning long life and happiness in a public garden. Stroll through the bamboo forest, jump over the waterfall rocks and enjoy the manicured sand, with 230 species of Japanese and Australian native trees and plants on display.

Laurel Bank Park

The exotic surrounds of the manicured Laurel Bank Park are close to the city centre and showcase fragrant blooms, herbs and shrubs. These sensory gardens were developed with the Downs Association of the Blind. 

Laurel Bank Park includes a playground, picnic area and croquet greens. 

Newtown Park 

Newtown Park features the renowned Queensland State Rose Garden, a playground and barbecue area, and sports ovals with croquet lawns and cricket pitches. It was initially designed to mirror the Union Jack.

Lake Annand 

Lake Annand’s man-made lake is a focal point of the sprawling park, combined with play equipment, gazebo, barbecues as well as a skate park nearby. 

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