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Living in Toowoomba

We’re earning more, have cheaper housing than capital cities, we’re a proud multicultural community and we’re home to more than 41,000 families. Latest Census data proves, without a doubt, the Toowoomba community is one to admire.

» We’re a vibrant mix of family and single-occupier homes, with an average of 2.5 people per household spread out across more than 68,000 homes.

» You can afford to settle down here. A third of the population is renting, and pays $285 weekly. Compare that to Brisbane’s weekly rent of $390 and you can see why many choose Toowoomba as their home. We’re also cheaper
than the state and national average ($330 and $335 respectively).

» Another third of the population is repaying mortgages at $390 a week. Once again, that’s cheaper than
Brisbane ($500) and the state and national bills ($433 and $438).

More Information

Further information regarding buying and renting in Toowoomba can be found at:

www.realestate.com.au www.domain.com.au

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